Good Health Global

Located in the heart of Kensington, London our therapy clinic provides face to face consultations and online treatment for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, substance misuse, behavioural addictions, trauma and PTSD. 

Mission Statement

From depression and anxiety to substance misuse and trauma, the epidemics of psychological disorders affect billions of people across every corner of the globe. The mental health conditions are often exacerbated by stigma and discrimination, making people to be afraid to seek help. Not getting help affects not only the quality of your life for months, even for years life can have long-term consequences on your overall health.

Good Health Global was created to combat the growing mental health crisis in our immediate communities and the global market through our physical location in London, the UK and online to reach clients faraway distance across the world.

Our mission is to advocate the right of every human being to live in good health and wellbeing. We do believe that helping people to love and take care of themselves, and we will also contribute to building a better world by prompting honesty, fairness, kindness and nobility.

Our advocacy efforts include brining awareness to ending the stigma behind and normalising the need for mental health treatment. Thus, we are out to help others achieve a stable mental status. Good Health Global is focused on a holistic therapy approach that is meant to create harmony in what we think, say and do. By focusing on integrating psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness we aim to provide a path of human transformation.

We help adults, adolescents and children with our integrity and passion inspired by the holistic approach to support the whole person considering all aspects of their mental, emotional and social wellbeing. We take great pride in improving the traditional therapy approach in new and creative ways.

With compassionate support and understanding, our team of culturally competent therapists guide clients in uncovering life’s wounds and verbalising fears so that a sense of mental, emotional, and physical wellness can be achieved.

We create an environment, both physical and mental, in which everyone is enabled, encouraged and stimulated to perform at their highest potential of output in emotions and mental state.

Our professionals carry professional liability insurance and are fully accredited with the following organisations:

British Neuroscience Association
General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
General Hypnotherapy Register
Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council
The British Psychological Society
American Hypnosis Association

Our service is rated with all five stars reviews on Trustpliot and Google