• Thousands of positive experimental and clinical research studies support the use of hypnotherapy as evidence-based approach helping people to make positive transformation in their lives.
  • The list of problems which maybe amendable to hypnotherapy includes: anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, unwanted habits (skin picking, nail biting), addictions (smoking, emotional eating, substance misuse), lack of confidence, low self-esteem, trauma, PTSD, fear of public appearance, pain management, relationship difficulties, IBS, anger issues, pain management, self-harm and many others.
  • Hypnosis is known as short-term therapy or brief therapy due to solution-focused approach, following specific goal in mind and typically lasts between six and twelve sessions, or up to three months.
  • Hypnotherapy is suitable for people without severe psychiatric complexity who are highly motivated to change.
  • Past successes can be used to work towards the current goal.
  • Even one session of hypnotherapy brings exploration of the deepest aspects of the problem and identifying practical steps for change.
  • Hypnotherapy can help the client to feel heard and it is a powerful tool to make the transformation they want.
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