Tia Hirani

Psychologist. Mental Health Consultant

Tia Hirani is proficient in working with individuals who suffer from substance use disorder, psychosis including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, as well as depression and anxiety disorders, and neurodevelopmental disabilities.
She has gained knowledge, obtaining a first-class degree in Psychology from the City University of London, as well as achieving a Distinction in MSc Mental Health Studies at Kings College London.
Tia is a professional member of the British Psychological Society.
Her knowledge has equipped her with an exceptional understanding of assessing and treating mental health problems, the current field of research on such disorders and how to improve patient clinical outcomes.
Tia has experience working with individuals from an array of different backgrounds. Previously worked at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Cannabis Reduction Clinic involving helping clients reduce their reliance on cannabis and, ultimately, their incidences of psychosis. In addition, working as an Opiate Recovery Worker, helping clients who misuse opiate substances from the beginning of engaging with the service and providing continuous support throughout their recovery journey.
Tia understands that life can be a challenge and we try to find the best ways to cope and tend to develop unhealthy safety strategies which can inadvertently impact our emotional experiences. Trying new ways of coping can be daunting but Tia is there to support her clients, help them gain a sense of comfort and provide them with tools to cope with the up and down struggles.
She provides an open, understanding, and confidential space where you will be met with acceptance.

“My sessions with Tia were very helpful. She has provided me with a better understanding of the mental health problem I am suffering from. Also, I have learnt and developed great strategies during each session.”


“My sessions with Tia were great, I feel I have a greater sense of myself. I have developed healthy coping strategies and learnt how to challenge myself, really great work”